An Ode To Judy Garland


A performer, a lover, a mother, a fashionista, an icon; a symbol of the purest joy and of the most tragic agony.

“Mama left us with so many feelings we never would have discovered about ourselves until she exquisitely translated them to us with her voice. She is to be missed deeply, yes… But, what if we never had her? That’s what we celebrate today. Mama gave each and every one of us the gift of hope, laughter, and love.” – Liza Minnelli

An Ode To Judy Garland

by Michaela Thompson (whimsycaly)

Fly little bird, fly

Into the endless sky

Beat with the wind

Struggle and fight

You shall prevail

In eternal flight

Your sweet melodies

That you so softly cry

Will carry in the breeze

For legends never die

Chin up, my dear

Your tribulation

Confound it all

It’s our admiration

So sing with bluebirds

Grace us with your glow

For when you took that flight

You crossed the rainbow.